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DTF Printing Mastery Class

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NOTE - EARLY BIRD SPECIAL PRICING! This introductory price is set for those who want to get started and will also come with lifetime access to future modules, as we upload them, weekly. This comprehensive Mastery Class is an ongoing course that will continue to grow over time. It is designed for those who are new to Direct to Film (DTF) printing and for those who want to take their DTF skills to the next level. Members will learn about the basics of DTF and the fundamentals of how it works. The Mastery Class will cover optimizing graphics for DTF, including best practices, halftone, color knock out, and how to vectorize images. Members will also learn how to troubleshoot and solve common problems like banding, flooding, under-cured and over-cured prints, and pressing problems. The program will also cover the use of RIP software and the printing process, including large and short runs, as well as pressing techniques. In addition, members will learn about running their DTF business, including garment selection, using A.I. tools, calculating pricing, etc. This event is the ultimate DTF experience, providing members with detailed training, expert instruction, and all the knowledge they need to master the art of Direct to Film printing. Thanks for your support and we look forward to growing with you. NOTE - IT IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED THAT YOU CONSIDER USING ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR & PHOTOSHOP, AS THE DESIGN AND LAYOUT PORTION OF THIS COURSE USES THESE PROGRAMS FOR INSTRUCTION. FOR ALL INTERNATIONAL PARTICIPANTS OUTSIDE OF NORTH AMERICA, PLEASE ASK US ABOUT ALTERNATIVE PAYMENT METHODS. ***DUE TO THE NATURE OF THIS CLASS BEING IN VIDEO FORMAT, THERE ARE ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS FOR THE PURCHASE OF THIS CLASS. IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTION OR CONCERNS, PLEASE MESSAGE US AND WE WILL BE HAPPY TO ASSIST YOU.***

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